What do we do at home to be more sustainable?


We have started in 2021 wanting to achieve a better world!

How? One of the challenges we have is: to continue caring for the planet. Yes, we know, sustainability is very fashionable, and it is that we need to be respectful of our environment and people. From Can Cocollona, we’ve always strived to be sustainable.

If we want to breathe clean air, if we want to live without noise pollution, go to the beach or hike to the mountains and not find plastic bottles, ear sticks and other “little gifts”, we must make some changes with our habits.

This last year, with the use of masks, plastic gloves and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel we are generating a lot of waste that will take hundreds of years to disappear from the earth. It is estimated that 129 billion masks are thrown away every month worldwide. Do you know that disposable masks can take up to 400 years to decompose? It is difficult, with the current situation, to reduce the use of masks, but there are more environmentally friendly options, such as reusable ones with UNE0065 certification.

At home, we make sure that our actions are as respectful as possible with the environment. We already told you something in our social media a few weeks ago…

One of the things that we had not explained to you yet is that we clean with ozone. Yes, as you read it. Ozone disinfects and helps us clean all kinds of spaces, surfaces and materials. It also helps us to put washing machines without using detergents. In this way, it is not necessary to buy cleaning products, which are usually composed of highly polluting chemical elements (except for natural and bulk cleaning products, of course). Before using ozone we recommend that you inform yourself correctly, to know how to use it in a comfortable and safe way.

And what else do we do to take care of the planet? Well, among other things:

  • We don’t use capsule coffee makers
  • We’ve built and restored a lot of furniture ourselves
  • We don’t iron clothes, thus saving electricity and resources
  • We hang our clothes in the sun, we don’t use a dryer
  • We like to make our own sweets for breakfast (they are healthier and we save on packaging and transport)
  • If we can, we buy in bulk and make use of tuppers and cloth bags
  • We recommend consuming in local and proximity businesses

We will continue working to be more sustainable and take care of the planet, which, after all, is our home.

And you? What actions do you carry out to be sustainable? We would love to hear from you!

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