At Can Cocollona our goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible, interact with our guests, exchange experiences, travel tips… So all the activities we propose is for that, to awaken your curiosity for future trips or to learn more about this destination magnificent as it is Girona, both to visit the old town, to carry out activities in family, sports, the sport par excellence in Girona and its surroundings is the bicycle.

For this reason we give the possibility of renting bicycles and advising you of the best routes to know and enjoy.

At Can Cocollona we show documentaries about travel, culture and gastronomy.

Another of our objectives is that you can interact as much as possible with local people, for this we facilitate the exchange of languages ​​as well as conversations with locals to know more about each culture with each other.

To promote the local culture we organize legendary evenings, spreading famous local legends of Girona and other places. In this way you will also discover the stories behind the names of each of the rooms in the house, as they have the name of Girona legends.

In the lounge we have cards and board games, books and travel magazines, so that you can spend, if you want, a pleasant and quiet evening in Can Cocollona.