Can Cocollona, ​​My Home Tu Casa

When we travel we want to live experiences, meet other travelers, like us, and locals, who tell us anecdotes and traditions of the place, this is how Can Cocollona was born, genuine, simple and affordable.

In addition to a place to stay, it is a meeting point, a place to share, exchange experiences generating, talks that enrich us all, where we spend great moments and sometimes, travelers join their paths and continue the trip together.

Can Cocollona welcomes solitary travelers, groups of friends, couples, families regardless of age or gender, the essential thing is to share and respect.

We encourage interaction between guests, who exchange experiences, share time, cultures and new friendships. All under the Slow Travel philosophy.

Can Cocollona was born after many adventures, traveling around the world and dreaming of a project, with its own identity and values. With a strong attachment and passion for this land and the will to offer a place in Girona where to lodge travelers and wanting to gather here all the experiences lived around the world.

Can Cocollona is now a home, a place to work, where creativity and dreams grow, a place to share all this with all the guests.
Can Cocollona symbolizes: love for nature, delicacy for small things, excellence, dedication, dedication, perseverance, respect for people, the environment and above all sharing.

Living as one more, adopting new rhythms of life and establishing authentic relationships with the locals becomes the key points to get a good experience of traveling without haste.

Can Cocollona is related to the local community, proposing, at the same time, low impact experiences for the environment and high value for travelers.

We are a passionate, capable and productive team that assumes commitments to society and the environment. We want to offer our guests an unforgettable experience, based on direct contact with the other guests as well as with the local community.