Slow Travel Philosophy

In Can Cocollona we practise the Slow Travel philosophy to the extent possible. The important thing is to immerse yourself and experiment something authentic during our trips.

Slow travel is a synonym of seeking sustainability and to produce the minor environmental impact possible. Travelers and tourism experts pay attention to minimize the impact in the natural environment and in its different habitats. The important thing is to blend into the environment, the culture and to establish authentic relationships.
The Slow Travel culture is more focused in quality rather than quantity, advocates disconnecting from technologies, slow down the rhythm and enjoy life.

One of the pillars of this philosophy is simply to live the moment, drift off or go deep in the conversations established with our travel companions.
Feel at home even though you are thousands of kilometers away.
Finally, another of the pillars of Slow Travel, is its vision of food. Its slogan is “from the garden to the table” and supports the consumption of local products.
One more characteristic of this travel concept is to look for places and destinations far from mass tourism.

That’s why Can Cocollona is located in the calm neighbourhood of Sant Narcís, where it is possible to relax in the terrace, to hear the birds sing and where one can get inspired for future experiences. At the same time is a comfortable location to go walking or by bike everywhere in Girona, being only 2 minutes far from the train station and 10 minutes walking to the old town.