One of the pillars of Slow Travel is the integration with the local community and at Can Cocollona we like to actively promote it. We also like to participate in our neighborhood activities and to spread an enjoyable life in community. We want to escape the individualism and anonymity of today’s times and take care of our connections. We take care of our neighbors and contributing with these values in society is fundamental to our quality of life.

The activities we carry out at Can Cocollona are always related to the following axes:

  • Foster culture
  • Solidarity activities
  • Maintain and disseminate local traditions and culture
  • Promoting circular economy
  • Integration of the residents of Sant Narcís and / or Girona with the travelers of Can Cocollona.

Next activities in Can Cocollona


Activities we’ve done

Pilmaiquen performance

Performance by Pilmaiquen, music with Latin American roots and poetry. Pil stayed at Can Cocollona and we had the pleasure of enjoying her music, poetry and beautiful stories that she told us.

We travel chatting

We travel chatting is an activity proposed by the neighbors of the area. Neighbors are invited to chat with the guests and to exchange their experiences of trips, adventures, anecdotes and much more.

Ratafia workshop with the Celler de Sant Narcís

Ratafia workshop by the Celler de Sant Narcís.


Wine tasting Celler La Vinyeta

Presentation and tasting of wines by the Celler la Vinyeta where wines from integrated production are made.

JAZZ TRIO performance – 1st anniversary Can Cocollona

On the first anniversary of Can Cocollona we enjoyed the performance of Jazz Trio

Solidarity second-hand clothes market

We loved being able to host the solidarity second-hand clothing market organized by the Associació Digna Projectes. It was a clothing market, where first a call was made to all the neighbors to donate all those clothes they no longer wanted. Digna organized a beautiful market, where we also put stalls along the stretch of Carrer del Remei in front of the house. All the profits were donated to the ‘Associació Girona Acull , which does an amazing work to help refugees.

Sant Jordi

We spent Sant Jordi at Can Cocollona creating handmade roses.


Temps de flors

Every year in May, Girona adorns its streets with flowers, a festival that attracts travelers from all over the world and where participation increases every year. For the first time, he Sant Narcís district is part of the official route.

Musical Vermut

Musical performance for Christmas by Eugeni Muriel and his band. Eugeni stayed at Can Cocollona and we had the pleasure of being able to enjoy their performance.

Christmas decoration

We have done DIY Christmas decoration workshops for our guests making a Caga Tió.

Shoe workshop

The first activity we did was a shoe workshop run by Merceria Anfra located in the   Sant Narcís district.