Slow travel in Girona

Tourism in the city of Girona has increased greatly during the last years. The two main factors that explain this increase are: the arrival of low cost companies at the Girona – Costa Brava airport and the filming of the Game of Thrones series in some streets of the Old Town of Girona and Besalú.

These two factors have been crucial for the exponential growth of tourism, focusing it on the Old Town. The vast majority of visitors come to know the rich medieval past, the Jewish area, the cathedral… and many come to compare the scenes in the series with the current reality.

From Can Cocollona we propose a less crowded and more equitable model of tourism between the neighborhoods of the city and therefore also in local economic sustainability. The traveler spends money in different areas of the city and not only in the most touristic ones.

Can Cocollona is located in a very traditional neighborhood in Girona that has its own identity. The central core of the Sant Narcís neighborhood is famous for its white houses and garden areas. Life here seems to be slower. Like happens in small towns, we all know each other and there is a very important network of associations (of which Can Cocollona is part of) from which artistic, social and circular economy projects emerge.

The accommodation wants travelers from all over the world to feel the neighborhood and discover local businesses: the daily life of neighbors in its streets, the bars where you can still play cards, dice, dominoes… 

We want you to enjoy Sant Narcís, a neighborhood with its own strong identity, where it may seem that time has stopped.

What is traveling “slow”?

The philosophy of slow travel encourages the traveler to “live like one more”, to dive in and experiment during the trips, to adopt new rhythms of life and establish authentic relationships with the community. This is the proposal of Can Cocollona, in the Sant Narcís district.

Slow travel seeks sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact, blending in and relating to the environment, culture and people. Appreciate the moment and join the conversations that are taking place with the local community and other travelers, feeling at home even thousands of miles away.

Sant Narcís is the ideal neighborhood for the slow travel philosophy, for people who is looking for places away from the tourist crowds. In Can Cocollona, the traveler becomes a neighbor during his stay. Slow travelers want to buy where their neighbors do, chat with them, eat their food and integrate into the daily lives of local people, get away from the crowds, learn about their customs, traditions… And the neighborhood of Sant Narcís has a lot to offer.


One of the goals of Can Cocollona is to generate a low impact on the environment. That’s why the house has been furnished with recycled elements made by us and by local artisans. Old furniture has been restored and painted to give it a new use and a second life.

We perform all the actions that are in our hands and sometimes in those of our guests to minimize the use of natural resources and the amount of waste generated.

Grocery shopping is made responsibly and km 0, promoting integration with the community. We also promote responsible consumption among our guests.

Can Cocollona is a very alive project that is improving day by day, we are planning to install a rainwater collection system in the house in the future, which will be used to irrigate the plants and supply the cisterns.

In addition, we have the idea of generating light through a dynamo. Everyone who wants to try it will be able to pedal and help us save light and generate a lower environmental impact.

Right now, we are creating a small orchard to supply the house with ecological, healthy products that come from as close as possible.