Girona of Festivals


Before the coronavirus dismantled our lives, Girona was a city full of music, practically all year we have a festival, except for the months of January and February. Now, it seems that this year, little by little, we can regain some of the normal life.

Festivals of different styles of music, circus, cinema, painting, dance…

Today the Strenes Festival begins, which will accompany us until May 2. We could say that it is the main festival in the city, where Catalan artists present their new works, start or end their tours and present unpublished shows.

This year we can enjoy groups like Stay Homas, la Pegatina, Buhos, Zoo, Andrea Motis, Amaral, Judit Neddermann, among others.

Can you imagine enjoying the music of Oques Grasses or La Casa Azul on the steps of the Cathedral? Or live the kick-off of the festival from the Stone Bridge? Well, this is Strenes!

In the next post I will tell you the story of when Judit Neddermann visited us in Can Cocollona.

See you soon!

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