When Judit Neddermann visited us

Judit Neddermann

It was the first summer that we opened, in the summer of 2018… Can Cocollona had not been open for more than a month. Even with the euphoria of the beginning, we were already receiving people from all over the world, from very far countries that we could never have imagined: Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Chile, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Dominican Republic… In fact, few Catalans visited us. But one day a reservation came in with a catalan name and I looked at it and said: “Look, a Catalan, is she traveling alone?” – I thought.

The day that Judit was supposed to arrive, I received a call: “I’m calling you in reference to Judit Neddermann’s reservation” and I “Hello, Judit” and she: “No, I’m not Judit, I’m her agent, we’ll arrive at 4:00 p.m. but she will leave around 7pm, is there a problem with the musicians waiting for her in the patio while she rests a little before the concert?”, I was surprised and amused,”Yes, no problem”- I said.

At the agreed time they both arrived. Judit gave off a light, calm, humility…

As I usually do with other guests, I asked her what they were doing around here, what kind of music they played… She explained that they had a concert that night but that she had to rest her voice before because she had it a bit touched, and I asked her, “Can I find you on Spotify?” And she said, “Yes, look for Judit Neddermann.” From that day on I put her playlist on the patio of Can Cocollona. I loved it, the sweet and melodic music, sometimes I also sang in Portuguese, and with my predilection for Brazil after having lived there, I loved it even more. Her music played all summer in Can Cocollona, ​​now too, of course.

Suddenly, when I was going down the street, on the festival posters (first small festivals, then bigger ones…), her name would appear, also on the banners… She collaborated on a song with Alejandro Sanz! One day I heard an interview that she and her sister were doing, the year they released the Christmas carol album together (I would say it was Christmas 2019). She has also shared the stage with Rozalén, Jorge Drexler, Joan Manuel Serrat, Macaco… And since then I have not stopped hearing her name. I don’t know if it coincided that I met her at the beginning of her effervescence or it is that I had not noticed before, surely a bit of both… But now, when I hear the super artist that she is, I always think: “She came to take a nap at Can Cocollona before a concert to rest the voice, and I love it”.

I hope you don’t mind that I wrote this post, she is part of the history of the beginnings of Can Cocollona and of those beautiful anecdotes that will always be explained around our house.

Judit, in Can Cocollona people from all over the world have listened to you and almost everyone always asks: “Who is this singer? I like her!” Although you don’t need to and you may never read this post, we love that you like you to our guests!

Judit Neddermann
Judit Neddermann, me and the musicians at Can Cocollona

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