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Do you like cycling? Us too! And more now, that the weather is beginning to be good… We take the opportunity to go on excursions and breathe fresh air…

We receive many guests who come to do different routes and tell us that they find Can Cocollona ideal, since it’s close to the bicycle routes. In addition, we also have a storage room to store the bikes with direct entrance from the street and a small workshop with basic tools to fix the bike or clean it, if necessary. Likewise, we strive to offer a healthy breakfast that is ideal for a long day of sport.

Today we recommend two routes of Vies Verdes that can be done around Can Cocollona: the Pirinexus and the Carrilet Route. Ah, we are waiting for you at home to listen to your experiences with the bike! Go!


It is a route that is part of the Pyrenees and that crosses places of great scenic, ecological and cultural importance. It begins in the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa and follows the route of the old narrow-gauge train. It reaches the valley of the river Ter and the pastures of Salt and Girona.

This route allows you to discover the natural resources of the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa, the Castle of Hostoles and the urban centers of Anglès, Sant Feliu de Pallerols and Girona, among others. If we have time, we can also go into the different towns and we can discover from modernist houses, in the old town of Anglès, for example, to old textile colonies in Bonmatí.

Once you reach Girona, you can connect with the next section of the Carrilet Route, which reaches Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

You can check the route here


This route consists of 6 stages, ideal for those who want to take advantage of a few days of vacation touring the beautiful surroundings by bike.

Alt Empordà Stage: it has flat cyclable sections and we will find wooded roads, passing through agricultural vineyards, rice crops and apple trees. History, culture, art and gastronomy with a designation of origin are some of the many things that we can find in the region.

Baix Empordà Stage: in this section we will also find roads that are mostly flat and easy to travel. Those who are passionate about medieval culture will love this route, as it has a large number of municipalities with vestiges of the time.

Stage Carrilet II: gently sloping, it reaches its highest point in Cassà de la Selva. Here we will get to know the Gironès and Baix Empordà regions, through a mosaic landscape where we can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view.

Stage Carrilet I: we have spoken above, it is the Ruta del Carrilet, with a 54 km section that crosses three regions and twelve towns, crossing the valleys of the Fluvià, Brugent and Ter rivers. We will be able to discover areas of agriculture or former colonies that, in the past, used the water of the Ter, as is the case of the town of Bonmatí. In Anglès we find vestiges of the medieval walled town.

Camprodon Valley Stage: it begins in the municipality of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, a city strongly marked by the monastery, the medieval structure of the Plaça Major and the streets that surround it, all surrounded by a solid wall of which there are remains in the west end. If you dare to do this stage, you will enjoy medieval Catalonia and the beginning of the Pyrenees, which means that you will discover exceptional views, culture, gastronomy and a lot of history.

Vallespir-France Stage: bordering the border Pyrenees, we will enjoy exceptional views and places and we will also be imbued with history: medieval monuments, sculptures, museums and Roman vestiges of the Via Domitia and the Via Augusta.


You can know the details of the Pirinexus here

Did you know these routes? Have you ever done them?

See you soon!

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