“Eat Sant Narcís, edible neighborhood”

menja't Sant Narcís

At the end of 2019, the Girona City Council got in touch with the Sant Narcís Neighborhood Association, of which Can Cocollona is a member, to present the “Edible Neighborhood” project that it had planned to develop in the neighborhood. From the beginning, we were very motivated by this project: innovative, different and even revolutionary; a challenge. The organization would be in a transversal way between different entities, individuals and above all, and most importantly, under the values ​​of sustainability and community in which Can Cocollona believes so much. So we support you from the start.

We explain a little more what it is about. As we say on the project website:

“The objective is to give value and activate public spaces by emphasizing the urban, architectural and natural heritage of this peculiar area, as a gateway to the productive and contemplative spaces around Girona.

“Menja’t Sant Narcís, Barri Comestible” is a project of the neighbors and neighborhood entities, with the support of the Girona City Council and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA).

Therefore, we are creating a community space based on horticulture and gardening, open to all, and working from the confluence of the 3 axes of sustainability:

  • Valuing the urban biodiversity of the neighborhood
  • Reactivate and energize the economic fabric
  • Encourage the relational and social part of the neighborhood, in all its diversity

It is a completely horizontal process started in January 2020, thought, created and managed from the social base of the neighborhood, where each one contributes a little of their time to change their environment in each and everyone, for a more friendly, more caring and more caretaker.

The first space, which will act as a pilot test, was inaugurated in phases on Roma Street between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, for a full alpha pharma test cyp inauguration next spring.

In the end, the driving force behind ”Menja’t Sant Narcís” is all the people who want to actively participate in a neighborhood transforming project, towards sustainability.”

urban garden

At Can Cocollona, ​​along with other entities such as La Volta or businesses such as the Ohana Health Center, we are part of the project very actively being part of the driving force and action group, organized by commissions. We are also part of the communication commission. We have a group of irrigators in which, every day, someone visits the orchards, waters and sees that everything is fine, that nothing is needed…

This weekend we began the construction of the final and largest planters that will be installed on Roma Street, the pilot space of the project, and, if all goes well, it will be extended to other streets in the neighborhood.

The objective is also, in the future, when the pandemic allows it to be able to hold meetings, talks, training workshops in horticulture, and a leisure space around the orchards. If you want to know more about the project or want to be part of it, you can consult the web by clicking here.

Thank you very much for reading us! See you soon!

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